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Super Target Construction Site - 2008

Super Target Construction Site - 2008                                       ©2013 Alan Schrank

The roof was on, but not sealed, so while there were a few dry spots to stand in, much of the floor was awash.

The night after I took this I stopped again on my way home, but as I was driving in a security guard drove up and stopped me. He said I couldn't be here. He was a older man, probably retired, and earning a few minimum wage dollars. I talked to him for a while and told him I was just taking pictures for a project, so he said ok, go ahead. 

While I was in the building I heard a truck pull up, a man got out, told me he was the site manager and I had to leave. I told him the guard gave me permission. He said "You just got the guard fired".

Makes me sad whenever I think about it.

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